Days, Chasing Nights
Do you have fitness videos? Can you share your workouts?

I’m sorry. I don’t have fitness videos. You can find 1,000s of wana be famous fit folks posts. I’m just not into making a video just to show off my body. I honestly think it’s silly. I say this because it’s basic, simple and easy, or open a book and it’ll explain everything. EVERYONES done a squat. EVERYONES done a sit up. EVERYONES done cardio. But apparently another fit obsessed person needs to post a session so perhaps a person will grasp what a bicep curl is.

Fav type of meal of the day????.

Breakfast anything. Eggs, bacon, rice… Call it a happy day.

Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean
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Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean

And Im just calling one last time not to change your mind
But just to say I miss you baby, good luck goodbye, bobby jean

Band of Brothers - Bastogne

"With all my heart."

Do you go out often at night in town

To be quite honest no. My early 20’s yes,….for sure. For instance tonight it’s Friday and I’m in my bed drinking tea and sobbing over a book (which is very rare) and completely happy. I’m very into what I have planned and take it quite serious in fact on helping people and I’m so in love with this program I get the honor of being a part of.

As for the book, I’m very touched by this older women and what she’s gone thru and how inspiring she has been to many ppl out there that has been drawn a more challenging life (looks, mental health, society acceptance, etc). I’m such a fan of hers and now making time to read her book about her life! I know I’m super pathetic haha but I love it and coming from someone like me who’s not easily moved, says a lot. If I can tell you’re purely genuine…I’m sold and become great lasting friends.

Well anyway, to simply answer your question no, and because I find greater pleasure in other things besides night drinking and dancing at this time in my life. I’m going back to being “old” and read my book and sip on my tea and probably go watch her documentary again. I tear up EVERY TIME! It’s such a touching story. She needs to come to the USA so I can meet her. 😊

What is your blonde moment of the week?

Making coffee in the Keurig, pressing the fill button but not placing an actual coffee up to catch the liquid. Came back to coffee all over the place. Zombie mornings…what can I say

Who's the sexiest woman alive? Who's the sexiest man alive?

Mmm hard to say. Haven’t met everyone in the world. Plus I base looks off of personality. Ugly self centered attitude, you’re very ugly to me. I can’t help but have that way of thinking and I really visually see the person ugly. It’s interesting

Do you dress up for dates?

I dress up all the time wether it’s for dates or not. Jeans and a baby doll T, but tailored and fitting. That’s considered dressed up to me as long as you present yourself tastefully. I love my PJs. I love my lazy days just like the next person.

Long but incredible days’ deserve long sensual aroma bubble baths, slow tunes, earth clay masks….and white moon tea 🍵

This is so great. The dancing, the outfit, the everything

Who is one of you favorite opera singers?

Inva Mula. Her work on ll Dolce Suono, which is considered one if the hardest vocals (and some parts that are just humanly impossible to perform) because of its ‘length, soaring arpeggios, and high F above high C’…absolutely stunning! I get chills to this day listening to it. And Hej, Ju Male. I listen to these at the gym.